All boat owners have had a bad surprise one day: a dirty boat because we haven't been there for months, the appearance of mold on the exterior upholstery, rusting stainless steel, an engine that refuses to start, water in the holds...

These problems occur especially when you live far from your boat, and you cannot go regularly to clean it and check that everything is fine.

Today, with Master Yacht Services, they are no longer inevitable! Thanks to our service and maintenance subscription, owners are guaranteed to always find a boat clean and ready to go, in any season.

By focusing on trust, quality and rigor, Master Yacht Services has become a reference on the Côte d'Azur. Today, our model is taking off to extend to the whole of France with our LiveYacht network.

Whichever agency our clients turn to, they are certain to benefit from the level of requirement that has made the reputation of Master Yacht Services.

We also offer them an innovative solution to maintain a permanent link with their boat, even if it is hundreds of kilometers from their place of residence: linked to sensors placed on the boats, our mobile application is a real angel caretaker, who warns our teams and our customers in the event of damage.

With LiveYacht, sailing truly becomes synonymous with freedom!Enter your text here...

A boat always ready to go thanks to a trusted partner

A culture of excellence

LiveYacht is a monthly subscription boat maintenance and servicing service. It includes all boat maintenance: regular technical checks, cleaning, fairing, renovation of gelcoat and paint, and engine maintenance. It also includes electronic boat monitoring, thanks to a connected box and an application that notifies technicians and owners in the event of a problem.

This service is intended for owners who live far from where their boat is moored and who cannot regularly go there to take care of their boat.

LiveYacht offers them precious peace of mind: thanks to regular visits by the company's technicians, their boats are always clean and in good working order.

LiveYacht's services are also intended for professionals, such as dealers, resellers and boat rental companies who wish to outsource the management and maintenance of their fleet.

Thanks to its rigor and expertise, Master Yacht Services, now LiveYacht, is a reference in boat maintenance on the Côte d'Azur.

To meet the demand of many boat owners, we have launched the LiveYacht network, which is built on the same model as Master Yacht Services and which aims to be deployed throughout France.

An application to track your boat remotely

LiveYacht allows its customers to follow the maintenance of their boat remotely thanks to an innovative mobile application. They can thus know when a service begins and when it is finished, and find a complete history of their boat.

Thanks to this application, LiveYacht technicians can follow very precise processes, checking off each element of the integrated checklist. This guarantees perfect execution of the various services ordered by customers: everything is systematized, and each boat owner is sure to benefit from the services for which he has paid.

When a report is published by LiveYacht, owners receive a notification. Alerts also warn them of actions to take: for example, when two years have passed since the last engine overhaul, a notification tells them that it is time to do a new one.

The application also offers a monitoring component, thanks to the electronic boxes installed by LiveYacht in each of its customers' boats. The boxes transmit the boat's data in real time: battery voltage, movement of the boat, presence of water in the hold, shore power that trips, etc.

When a problem occurs, the application sends an alert to the owner and the local LiveYacht team, who can thus intervene quickly.

Customizable subscriptions

LiveYacht by Master Yacht Services offers subscriptions, which can be personalized by adding additional services.

Here are some examples:

The Basic plan : six technical control visits per year, a maintenance schedule and an electronic box for remote monitoring of the boat. Price: from 60 euros per month.

The Wash down plan : a technical control visit and an exterior cleaning per month, a maintenance schedule and an electronic box for monitoring the boat remotely. Price: from 99 euros per month.

The Premium plan : a technical control visit and an exterior cleaning per month, a maintenance schedule, a polishing of the boat per year, a bottom painting and cleaning per year, and an electronic box for monitoring the boat remotely. Price: from 179 euros per month.

At the request of its exclusive subscribers, LiveYacht also provides private concierge services: management of laundry on board, delivery of shopping and nautical equipment, reservation of berths or restaurants, movement of the boat, or even coaching for the use and maintenance of the boat.

The advantages of LiveYacht by Master Yacht Services

Very high quality services. LiveYacht is dedicated solely to boat servicing and maintenance. The company it focuses on its know-how, which allows it to offer very high quality services.

The DNA of LiveYacht Master Yacht Services is the premium quality and rigor that comes from the experience in luxury yachting of its founder, applied to all types of boat.

A single point of contact. Owners have only one point of contact for maintenance operations on their boat. They no longer need to spend hours on the phone or multiply emails to organize work: LiveYacht takes care of everything.

A controlled budget. The owners know in advance the budget necessary for the maintenance of their boat: there are no surprises, and the expenses are smoothed over the year.

Great attention to detail. Cleaning a boat, for LiveYacht by Master Yacht Services, is not just about “brushing”. Expert in detailing, the company has implemented a complete and rigorous cleaning procedure, which can be adapted to the needs of each boat.

For controls, its basic checklist includes 20 points to check. During visits, Master Yacht Services technicians leave nothing to luck: they inspect and start the engines and watermaker, unfurl and dry the sails, check the bilges and through-hull valves, and repair what needs to be repaired.

Total transparency. After each visit, owners receive a written report by email or on WhatsApp, according to their preferences, as well as on the mobile application. The report contains photos and videos of the boat as well as the copy of the completed inspection checklist, and any recommendations or problems discovered.

A multilingual service. Despite the name in English, because it is the language of Yachting, the Master Yacht Services teams speak French. They are also able to communicate in English and Italian with their customers.

LiveYacht : a network built on the model of Master Yacht Services

The LiveYacht network was born in 2022, out of a desire to deploy the Master Yacht Services model throughout France. Its first agencies are located in Toulon in the Var, in Beaulieu sur Mer (06) and the historic agency in the Cannes-Antibes area in the Alpes Maritimes.

Much like Master Yacht Services, LiveYacht offers monthly subscriptions that include boat maintenance and monitoring, with monthly and bi-monthly visits. Network agencies use the same methodology as Master Yacht Services, as well as the same remote boat monitoring application.

LiveYacht customers are thus guaranteed to enjoy the same quality, regardless of the agency they go to.

Customer testimonials

LiveYacht by Master Yacht Services enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers, who do not hesitate to say all the good things they think of the company :

“Excellent service and very reasonable costs. Florian provides great flexibility for me to use my boat whenever I want and I know all housekeeping and maintenance duties are taken care of. »Ian Brook, Sun Odyssey 42 DS"

“Very good services, very good communication and great availability, to recommend. »Dominique Fabiani, Regal 210 Bowrider"

"Very good service... Master Boat comes by every month to clean and run my boat... It is therefore always ready to spend beautiful days at sea... So trust Master Yacht for your boat, you are certain that he will always be ready to sail...” Yann Moaligou, Sea Ray 210 Sport"

“Excellent services at very reasonable prices! I had a nano protection made on my boat, it's magnificent! Thank you...” Franck Chantereau, Beneteau GT38"

“I appreciate the services of Master Yacht which allows me to always have a boat in perfect condition and to make the most of the time on the water. Living far away, I am happy to have found in Florian a trustworthy person. » Frank Aranzana, Grand Soleil 47"

“Professionalism, availability and kindness. Florian has been taking care of my boat for over a year and it is a pleasure to find his boat clean, maintained and ready to sail. Do not hesitate to trust him. »Dominique Lallouette, Jeanneau Leader 33"

An innovative service created by a nautical expert

Birth of Master Yacht Services

Passionate about the sea and boats, Florian Arneodo began working in the nautical world in 2001. For ten years, he was a sailor then captain on luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, the West Indies and Florida, while training: he obtained a nautical initiation certificate and a Captain 200 Yacht certificate at the Inseit maritime training center in Nice, and followed MCA Master of Yacht 200 training at the International Yachtmaster Training organization in Florida .

In 2010, the yacht on which he was captain was sold, and Florian returned to his native region to start a family there. He then began a professional retraining to start a business, a desire he had already had for several years.

If he no longer wants to sail the seas, Florian does not give up his passion. After noticing that there was no high-end boat maintenance and management service, he founded Master Yacht Services in September 2010.

From Master Yacht Services to LiveYacht

Master Yacht Services has grown rapidly thanks to word of mouth, becoming “the” good address that boat owners recommend, on the Côte d’Azur and beyond. The company now follows the boats of more than a hundred customers, two thirds of whom own sailboats, in around fifteen ports in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Prestigious manufacturers, such as Boston Whaler, Evo Yachts, Riviera, Sea Ray, Swan and Sunreef or Maiora, among others, trust it at boat shows (Cannes, Monaco and Genoa)

The reputation of excellence of Master Yacht Services is such that the company is solicited by individuals who wish to take advantage of its services, but whose boats are moored outside its area of intervention.

After discussing the possible creation of a network in a magazine, Florian is contacted by people ready to implement the concept in their region. This is how he decided to create the LiveYacht agency network.

The LiveYacht network is now open to applications from boating enthusiasts who would like to join it. It now has the ambition to deploy at the national level, in order to respond, by 2027, to the requests of all boaters in the boat is moored in a French port. Florian Arneodo also wants to expand its offer to Italy and Spain in the medium term.