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How do I know that my boat is safe and that everything is working the next time I come?

Have you ever experienced this?


You have planned to spend the weekend on the boat after a hard week of work

The whole family is thrilled!

You have had a long journey and are happy to finally arrive on board and eager to relax...


The boat is dirty because you haven't been here for 3 months and mold has appeared on the exterior upholstery

And that's not all =>

After spending half a day or a day cleaning, you have largely started the weekend,

Finally, you can take a trip to the sea...


Problem, the engine does not start!

You are not a mechanic!

Besides, it's the weekend and you can't find anyone to come and see!

Finally you manage to find someone to help you out in an emergency but the bill costs a lot of money and because he applied "emergnecy" rates.

Eventually you spent the weekend cleaning the boat and finding a way to start the engine, and you didn't even sail!

You are really disappointed with this family weekend and no one took advantage.

Now what solutions are available to you?

Après cette expérience désastreuse, et pour éviter de vivre de nouveau un tel week-end, regardons quelles sont vos options

Go on the weekend earlier

Take an extra day to prepare the boat. But does your job allow it? Do the children have to miss school for this?

Sell the boat

Selling the boat because you realize that there is too much work to do or too many problems to deal with compared to the few times you “really” enjoy the boat!

entretenir son bateau liveyacht

Delegate cleaning and problem solving

Having someone close to your boat to look after it while you are away would ensure you arrive on a clean and working boat.

Which will give you more "quality" time with your friends or family on board.

Ok but what does it mean to leave the boat unattended?

  • During bad weather, a mooring line can break and if it is not replaced, the boat will hit the quay and/or neighboring boats and generate significant costs.
  • The spray that passes over the sea wall during storms and the resulting salt deposits will cause the metal parts of the bridge to rust
  • An engine that is not regularly started can seize very quickly and repairs can be quite expensive depending on the engine.
  • A small leak from a through-hull fitting may occur and if the bilge pump does not work or does not work long enough...the boat may sink...YES

If you don't want to resell your boat and you don't want to work on it when you arrive but rather go out to sea and enjoy,


then we have the solution...

LiveYacht subscription offers

We have several subscription offers to personalize with regular visits on board accompanied by cleaning and a series of technical checks.

So you are guaranteed to find a clean and functional boat on your arrival, in all seasons!

France 3

LiveYacht subscription offers

Monthly payment

In addition to cleaning and technical checks, you have the option of including in the subscription the fairing, the polish of the boat and in some cases, the overhaul of the engine. So you have a budget known in advance, unsurprisingly, expenses related to maintenance are smoothed over the year.

Technical checks

Every month or every two weeks, we carry out a series of checks using a checklist that can be adapted to your boat. Inspection of holds, mooring, engine operation, pumps... If a problem is detected, you will be notified immediately and you will not be surprised when you arrive.

Visit reports

At each visit, you receive a written report by email or on whatsapp, according to your choice. On this occasion we send you photos and videos of the boat as well as the copy of the completed checklist and any recommendations and / or problems discovered.

Mobile app

Selon la formule d’abonnement choisie, un boîtier électronique de surveillance à distance est inclus dans votre offre. Tension de la batterie, mouvement du bateau, eau dans la cale ou prise de quai qui disjoncte, en cas d’alerte nous sommes alertés et vous aussi (grâce à l’application mobile), ainsi nous pouvons prendre les mesures pour intervenir.

VIP Services

By subscribing to one of our subscriptions, you will have access to a range of services, which we offer only to subscribers: provisioning, moving the boat, delivery on board of nautical equipment, dry cleaning, etc.

Why is the LiveYacht subscription different from other maintenance and security solutions?

A single interlocutor

Regarding the most common maintenance operations, you will only have one contact: Cleaning, polishing / polishing, fairing or mechanics / electricity (with our partners), no need to spend hours on the phone or writing emails. -email to organize the work….we take care of it


We don't do boat rentals, we don't sell nautical supplies and about fifty other services because we think we can't be good everywhere: Master Yacht Services is: Cleaning, polishing, fairing

A "real" company

Some boat owners hire the “ex-sailor” from the boat next door or the retired fisherman to wash and look after their boat.

 It's risk taking, illegal work is severely punished and what would happen if the boat was damaged? Would insurance cover it?

Certainly not

We are registered, insured and qualified

Attention to detail

When we clean the boat, it's not just a "brush stroke", with our experience of large yachts, we go beyond : we do detailing.

We have a cleaning procedure which is available upon request.

Likewise for the checks, we don't just check the mooring lines and the fenders, our basic checklist includes 20 checkpoints.

It's time


We speak your language

Some of our competitors are businesses run by English speakers and do not speak French, but also some French businesses do not have the technical English skills to communicate well with English-speaking customers.

With us no problem for French and English and even a little Italian

Is the LiveYacht subscription right for you?


  • You live far from the home port
  • You do not necessarily want to clean the boat
  • You don't want to waste time with the maintenance
  • You want to get on board, get started and go to sea right away
  • You are concerned about maintaining your boat by the book
  • You want your boat to retain resale value
  • You want peace of mind
  • You are an demanding boat owner and you care about it
  • You want to know your budget in advance



  • You live near your boat and can check that everything is ok regularly
  • You like to take care of the boat: cleaning, polishing, take the boat to the yacht or do the engine service
  • You prefer to take our “à la carte” services
  • You do not consider it necessary to have a professional watching your boat because you have Chris the sailor who worked 2 months on a boat or Dédé the former fisherman who takes care of it :)


What does the subscription NOT do?

All other work than that which we propose to include in the subscriptions is to be carried out by the companies of your choice. However, we provide you with several contacts to choose from.

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Simple, efficient, a technician checks your boat




  • Electronic box for 24/7 remote boat monitoring included
  • 6 technical control visits per year
  • Maintenance Schedule

Your boat is always clean and ready to go




  • 12 technical control visits
  • 12 Exterior cleaning
  • Electronic box for 24/7 remote boat monitoring included
  • Maintenance Schedule