January 19, 2023

#HappyYachting: Liberty Pass by LiveYacht, two new services to save money without compromise

The boating sector is not immune to the price explosion.

The cost of new boats is exploding: after already experiencing double-digit increases in 2021(source), a further 1.3% increase is expected in 2023(source). This situation is also affecting the second-hand market, especially as shipyards are experiencing longer lead times due to high demand(source).

At the same time, the bill is getting heavier due to other budgets that are always higher: port fees, fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Opening of a new Liberty Pass base in Antibes / Golfe-Juan

In this context, the network of agencies specializing in boat maintenance LiveYacht innovates in joining the Liberty Pass device, a boat co-use offer that comes in two premium services:

  • For boat owners: VIP rental management (with a maximum number of 6 identical co-users per year);
  • For sea lovers: Unlimited boat sharing, all year round. To have a boat at your disposal without the constraints of ownership.

For owners: The Liberty Pass rental management : owning a boat costs nothing

What if there was nothing left to pay for recreational boats? Because everyone should be able to enjoy sailing, LiveYacht allows you to cover all recurring costs with rental fees.

Even better: owners who wish to do so can also earn income if they increase their number of subscribers.

Our clients, who regularly ask us to manage the rental of their boat for them, are reassured by our unique offer: a limited rental from 3 to 6 co-users maximum, and the same ones all year round

An approach that allows them to avoid :

  • People who don’t pay attention to their boat;
  • Those who lack experience;
  • The succession of users in this second “home sweet home” to which they are very attached ;
  • And the lack of availability of the boat: with some competitors in rental management, it is almost impossible to get your boat back in summer… A real shame!

The (big) plus: reassuring expertise in boat maintenance

Because LiveYacht specializes in boat maintenance, there is nothing to worry about in case of damage or other problems. The team will know how to be responsive and efficient !

Moreover, it benefits from thesupport of a national group with Liberty Pass, which has 50 bases all along the French coast. Owners are therefore guaranteed to have subscribers to rent their boat.

For people who usually rent boats: The  unlimited Liberty Pass co-use: a boat available all year round

The unlimited use offers a great advantage: to always have a boat adapted to your needs, perfectly maintained, and at a very attractive price.

From the houseboat for a romantic getaway to the 10-seater RIB for a trip with friends, there is always a model available.

With, as a bonus, a ultra-intuitive reservation system : thanks to the application, subscribers make their reservations via a shared calendar, as well as their check in/check out in complete autonomy. Moreover, this device has been specially designed to offer total fairness.

The LiveYacht team will then accompany them on their first outings, to help them get to grips with the boat, and then to supervise the boat and help them if necessary afterwards with additional services such as the provision of buoys, water-skis for example, or a cooler filled with something to have a drink.

The (big) plus : a recent and well maintained boat, for the price of a berth…from 199€/month.

The monthly package is all inclusive : provision of boats up to 5 years old, berth, insurance, maintenance … There is no need to worry about anything and 6 to 10 trips in the year are enough depending on the boat to make this investment profitable.

LiveYacht: experience boating in #Easy mode

What does LiveYacht do? Ensure that boaters really enjoy their boat.

Because the navigation can quickly turn into a nightmare when, at the last moment, you discover that the boat is dirty and that it must be cleaned. Or, worse, that the engine does not start! Besides, leaving a boat unattended, sometimes for several months, is particularly risky.

LiveYacht offers 3 monthly subscription packages to be customized with regular on-board visits accompanied by a cleaning and a series of technical controls.

All include 24/7 remote boat monitoring and maintenance schedule.

  • Basic (from 60 €/month): 6 technical control visits per year;
  • Washing (from 99 €/month): 12 technical control visits and 12 external cleanings ;
  • Premium (from 179 €/month): 12 technical control visits, 1 exterior cleaning/month, 1 boat polishing/year, 1 careening (antifouling)/year.
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