November 17, 2023

🌊 **Exciting new feature at LiveYacht!** 🚤

We are delighted to share with you the arrival of **two new wonders** to our fleet: the **Bayliner Trophy 22** and the **MV Marine 25 GT**! 🌟

**#BaylinerTrophy22**: A jewel for sport fishing and nautical adventure enthusiasts. Elegant design, modern features, and a layout that offers comfort and efficiency. 🎣 Unlimited availability for just €349/month (pre-sale, launch early this year).

**#MVMarine25GT**: A masterpiece of technology and style. Aerodynamic design for smooth sailing and a luxurious interior for ultimate comfort. 🌅 Available for pre-sale at €399/month (launching early 2024).

**The Liberty Pass 🗝️**: Your passport to unlimited maritime adventures. Exclusive access to our varied fleet, low rates, and total sailing freedom. Boat, berth, insurance, maintenance – all included! 🌊

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a beginner, the Liberty Pass is designed for you. Come and discover these incredible boats and other offers in Cannes, Antibes, and Golfe-Juan. Visit our links for more info!

👉 Cannes
👉 Antibes
👉 Golfe-Juan

Book now for an unforgettable boating experience with LiveYacht. Adventure awaits! ⛵

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